Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Being a participant in a Citizen Science project, I have a question to be answered. How do I contact the NWN?
A:For general questions regarding participation, email the NWN at or click on the “Contact the NWN Team” link at the homepage of
For specific questions regarding your Citizen Science project, click on the “Contact Project Leader" link at your project page.

Q: What is the best browser for viewing and using the Nebraska Watershed Network website?
A: Google Chrome is the preferred browser for using our website. Our website can be viewed in all major browsers (i.e. Safari, Explorer, Firefox) but some features may not display or work perfectly on all browsers.

Q: I still have data that I need to enter but the project ended yesterday, what can I do?
A: Data can be added to a project up to five days after the project’s end date. After the five-day grace period, you must contact the project’s leader in order to get your data added.

Q: Why is my address needed?
A: Your address is needed so that the NWN can mail you information and supplies to participate as a Citzen Scientist.

Q: What type of photo should I upload with my test result?
A: Only photos that document the test or testing conditions should be uploaded. Acceptable photos to upload include images of test strips, weather conditions, or the water surface. Please note, only one photo is permitted per water testing result.
If you would like information on taking quality photos using a mobile device, has some good smartphone photo tips. The last tip on the list, "Keep Your Lens Clean," might be the most important. Please note that it is possible that some photos may be used on social media for promotional purposes, therefore any photos that show any identifiable features of a person (especially faces) are discouraged.

Q: My results compared to the color chart appear to be similar to more than one color scheme. How am I supposed to be able to tell which one matches the test strip?
A: If you have any trouble trying to decifer the color scheme of the test result you can do the following options:
1) Upload a picture of the test strip with your interpretation of the result for NWN staff to review, also include a comment with the photo addressing your concerns.
2) Submit photo to project leader via email.

Q: When I click my datapoint on the map, why is the photo for the datapoint not there with the other information?
A: The project map shows only the datapoints from everyone who is participating in the same project. If you click "View My Map” you will see a map containing all of your datapoints. Clicking one of your datapoints on this map will show your submitted photos along with accompanying information.

Q: I submitted a comment along with my test results, but I am unable to view it. Where can I view my comment?
A: Your comments are valued as an important part of this project. All comments are saved and will be reviewed alongside the rest of the data for the project. If you wish to view your comment, you can navigate to the edit screen for that datapoint to review and/or edit its information.

Q: When I try to access on my smartphone I get a warning message indicating my connection is not private with concerns about certificates. Is there a problem with the website? Is it safe to access it on my phone?
A: You can safely bypass this warning screen by selecting the "Advanced" option and then selecting "Proceed to" (the exact phrasing of this option varies by browser).
Additional Information: Certain mobile service provider do not recognize our security certificate issuer, also known as a Certificate Authority (CA). The list of trusted CAs comes from your service provider and is preloaded on the mobile device when purchased. This issue is most common with older mobile devices. If this is the case with your mobile device you will receive a warning, such as “Your connection is not private” or “Unknown certificate.” The website is safe and is certified with a security certificate. Your device may not have our CA in its list of trusted CA certificates. There should be an option to select “Advanced” or “Advanced Settings” on this warning screen. Select that option and then select “Proceed to” If there is an option to “Allow permanent exception for this site” select this option first. You only have to grant permission once after visiting on a particular device or browser. However, a warning message may continue to appear in the address bar of the browser.